Subversion visually explained in 30 sec - svn tutorial

This video tutorial tries to explain the basics of how SVN is used. The buttons at the bottom are movie controls. Scroll down for conflict explanation.


This explains a conflict while working with Subversion:


Summary of SVN commands (do these commands with TortoiseSVN by right clicking on a file or directory):

  • SVN checkout

    The first command to use Subversion. Downloads repository contents to a folder on your PC, makes this folder special SVN folder with SVN icon.
  • Update

    Merges new changes from repository to your working copy. Update before every commit is important because of possible conflicts, that must be resolved by conversation with your teammate, because concurrent changes cannot be resolved automatically.
  • Commit

    Megres changes from your yorking copy to SVN repository.
  • Resolved

    Tells SVN that the conflicted file is now OK.
  • Add

    Schedules new file to be saved to repository with next commit.
  • Delete

    Shedules file to be deleted from repository with next commit. SVN keeps all history, so accidental deletes are not a problem.
  • Revert

    Undoes all changes to your working copy since last commit. Usefull if you really mess up and want to throw away the changes and start over.
  • Log

    Shows nice log of changes sorted by date, even with simple statistics.

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