Software engineering radio - best episodes

Software engineering radio is an excellent podcast full of in-depth information for developers; contains high quality content different from what you usually find online.


NoSQL and MongoDB with Dwight Merriman
Top 10 Architecture Mistakes with Eoin Woods
Being a consultant - honest, informal and funny
Software Craftsmanship with Bob Martin - concentrated motivation
Stefan Tilkov on REST - quite practical
Singularity research OS - microkernels, safety, static code analysis


Martin Odersky on Scala - great interview with the author of Scala
Scala Update with Martin Odersky - second half provides insights into possible future of programming


Btw, Markus Völter (the guy behind se-radio) also does a podcast on technology and science. Software engineer talking to a Nuclear fusion expert - what could we want more? ;) I really enjoyed the following episodes:

Astrobiology at the NASA Astrobiology Institute
Quantum computing - kudos for mentioning the "next technical revolution"
Nuclear Fusion at MPI für Plasmaphysik

Please help me find great episodes - if you know about an episode that you really enjoyed, post it into comments. Thanks!

Posted by Martin Konicek on 2:00 PM


Sam BESSALAH said...

There's an episode about REST architecture with Stefan Tilkov that is very in depth and interesting. And i did like the one about Spring and the one focused solely on AOP.

javin paul said...

It looks promising , thanks for putting this in Dzone I was not aware of this.

How HashMap works in Java

Martin Konicek said...

I will listen to those episodes, thanks Sam!

Software Development USA said...

I have listen to some of the episodes, they are great to learn something from it. It covers almost all the topics of the software engineering.

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