TFS addin for Outlook TaskConnect goes live!

You can download the first beta of TaskConnect now. I've been working on this for the last year with a team of cool guys in Prague.
TaskConnect is quite unique as it integrates TFS into Outlook in a new, clever way:

  • TaskConnect is a full-fledged TFS client with fulltext search field at your fingertips right in Outlook
  • Work items can be attached to emails: when you are discussing a work item with someone, the work item is visible right next to the email throughout your whole conversation. You can of course edit it right from Outlook.
  • Saving your time is absolutely the primary goal - speed of use is just incomparable to any existing TFS client
We think this is such a good idea that it would be silly just to support TFS. So in the future you can expect Outlook integration of many popular issue tracking systems. We also have a ton of ideas for the future and we are looking forward to your feedback and ideas.

Posted by Martin Konicek on 4:50 PM


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