I'm in!

Great news! I've been accepted to Google summer of code. I'll be working on debugger visualizers for SharpDevelop.
This is a great opportunity to continue my work on the Object graph visualizer, and even get it integrated in an open source IDE.
I'll be also working on other visualizers and things (particularly one of them totally cool in my opinion).
Cool thing about this is that none of the visualizers is present in Visual Studio.
Hope the visualizers will make your debugging experience even better :)

Posted by Martin Konicek on 11:52 AM


Daniel Trommel said...

Super cool that you are going to improve our debugging experience in SharpDevelop. Love it! Especially your idea about highlighting and the reference visualization.

btw: could you make the highlighting work as MouseOver event? I noticed in your example video that you'd need to click the word and wait a few milliseconds...?

Anyhow, best of luck on your gsoc. Looking forward to the end of the holidays ;-)

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